Application Process

What is the evaluation process?

The Trustees consider the nature and extent of the problem, and the applicant’s overall financial, family and personal situation. No person should automatically assume that they do not qualify. Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Fund office regarding eligibility concerns or specific areas for which the Fund may provide assistance.

All information is held in strict confidence and each applicant is assigned a numerical code that guarantees anonymity. For each applicant, a thorough and complete case study is presented to the Board, which includes information regarding income, expenses, savings and resources, tax returns and any other pertinent related Information. All information is kept confidential and reviewed only by the Fund Director and members of the Board of Trustees. Grants are awarded based on medical and financial need; certain caps may apply.

How do I apply for assistance?

To start your application, contact the fund by email, telephone, fax, or mail:

Mailing Address:
Honor Emergency Fund
New York City Fire Department
9 Metrotech Center, Floor 5E
Brooklyn, NY 11201-5431

Telephone:    (718) 999 – 1216
Fax:    (718) 999 – 1609
E-mail: – Kristen Hartman, Executive Director

Download application forms below:

Firefighter application
EMS application
Family member application

You must also submit the release form, below, with your application:

Authorization to release information